Frequently Asked Questions

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Video length is approximately 20 mins, but could take up to an hour for each lesson. If classes are 40 mins, when you log back in, the video will be at the point you end the previous session.

Yes, and as many times as you may wish.

For Students:
8 Topics with resources (video lessons are ten minutes, then you have some resource links and then peer-to-peer discussions), approx 40 mins.

Student syllabus

Benefits of the Internet (also negatives)
Device Usage & Social Etiquette
Digital Stranger Danger
Digital Footprint
Inappropriate Content
Big Data
Irish Law
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


1 Video lesson approx 40 minutes then a short quiz upon completion and certification. The beauty of this is the teacher can do it anytime from anywhere.

NB: Your school will also receive a parent portal, very similar to the teacher system. Again access for the entire year, they can complete at home, and the school can view, if required, who has completed all levels.