Cyber Safety & Online Course Programmes For Transition Year

All of our programmes are online digital lessons. Teachers need no experience in these areas. Within the TY sector, lessons are all self directed learning. Click here to get in touch and discuss your options.

Transition Year

We have aligned our programmes with the Department of Education’s TY Learning Objectives

  • Engage in independent, self-directed learning
  • Develop general, technical and academic skills
  • Mature and develop without the pressure of an examination

TY Programmes – Exciting New Programmes

  • Cyber Safety & Citizenship (8 modules at 40 mins)
  • An Introduction To Computer Science And Coding (6 modules at 40 mins)
  • Create your own website with HTML/CSS (6 modules at 40 mins)
  • Python – Real-World Programming (6 modules at 40 mins)
  • Understanding Money – Something all students should understand (6 modules at 40 mins)