Cyber Safety & Online Course Programmes For Transition Year

All of our programmes are pre-recorded. Teachers need no experience in these areas. We use teacher friendly pause & play system. Click here to get in touch and discuss your options.

Transition Year

We have aligned our programmes with the Department of Education’s TY Learning Objectives

  • Engage in independent, self-directed learning
  • Develop general, technical and academic skills
  • Mature and develop without the pressure of an examination

TY Programmes – Exciting New Programmes

  • Digital Safety & Citizenship (8 modules at 40 mins)
  • An Introduction To Computer Science And Coding (8 modules at 40 mins)
  • Create your own website with HTML/CSS (8 modules at 40 mins)
  • Python – Real-World Programming (8 modules at 40 mins)
  • Understanding Money – Something all students should understand (8 modules at 40 mins)