Cyber Safety & Online Course Programmes For Secondary Schools

All of our programmes are online digital lessons. Teachers need no experience in these areas. We use teacher friendly pause & play system. Click here to get in touch and discuss your options.

Cyber Safety

  • We Deliver Cyber Safety Training To Your Students, Teachers And Parents
  • Training Delivered Any Time During Year As Often As Needed For No Extra Expense
  • Full Reporting For Principals On Cyber Safety Compliance & Participation Of School
  • Lowest Price In The Industry Guaranteed

Introduction to Computing and Coding – ICC Secondary Programming Programmes

  • Excellent program to introduce your first to third year students to the exciting world of computing and coding
  • 6x Scratch Lesson – Recommended 1st Year
  • 6x HTML Lesson – Recommended 2nd Year
  • 6x Python Lesson – Recommended 3rd Year

Parent Cyber Safety Standalone

  • Cyber Safety training and certification direct to parents in your school
  • Parents have access for entire academic year
  • Can be completed at home
  • End of year reporting to principals for parent Cyber Safety compliance